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Sanction 2307686 - Suspension of asbestos removal licence

Event number 409680
Year of incident 2018
Licence holder/s Licence No 2307686 (B-class), Area 51 Asbestos Removal and Demolition
Assessment methodology

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland's (WHSQ) Asbestos Unit carried out an assessment of this license holder that included:

  • a review of WHSQ data on historical compliance audits by WHSQ inspectors
  • an additional unannounced site audit
  • a desktop audit of the licence holder's safety management system
Assessment findings

During the period 2012 to 2017, 16 statutory notices relating to poor asbestos work practices were issued by WHSQ inspectors. Notices were in relation to the following sections (including repeated non-compliances) of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011:

  • failure to minimise exposure to asbestos fibres – s420
  • failure to ensure asbestos supervisor is readily available – s459
  • failure to have licence documentation readily available – s505(1)
  • failure of workers to have completed specified asbestos removal training – s460(1)
  • failure to keep training records – s461(2)
  • failure to have asbestos removal control plan (ARCP) – s464(1)
  • failure to have adequate decontamination facilities – s471(1)
  • failure to dispose of asbestos waste – s472(1)
  • failure in relation to clearance inspection – s473(2).
  • The most recent and long history of very poor asbestos related work practices.
  • The number of repeated contraventions over a long period.
  • The requirement to protect workers and members of the public from exposure to asbestos.
Enforcement action taken

In June 2018, Licence No 2307686 was suspended for three months as the license holder failed to ensure that the work or other activities authorised by the licence were carried out safely and competently. The license will be reinstated on the proviso that an audit will be conducted by WHSQ within six months of the reinstatement to confirm an improvement in asbestos removal practices.

The list of businesses licensed to remove asbestos has been updated to reflect this suspension.