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Sanction 245560 - Cancellation of asbestos removal licence

Event number 245560
Date of incident 2 April 2017
Incident location (suburb) Sherwood 4075
Licence holder/s Steven John GRITT – Licence No 2305722
Incident description

The licence holder and PCBU was engaged by the owner of the property to identify and remove Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) and asbestos prior to him demolishing the domestic property. The ACM and asbestos was not removed prior to it being demolished.

Investigation outcomes

A number of regulatory offences were identified to support a recommendation to issue a show cause to the licence holder, including:

  • failure to ensure that exposure of a person at the workplace to airborne asbestos is eliminated so far as is reasonably practicable – s19(1)
  • failure to notify the regulator of asbestos removal – s466
  • failure as an asbestos removalist to dispose of asbestos waste and contaminated personal protective equipment – s472
  • failure to identify and remove asbestos demolition off a domestic premises – s453
  • failure to hold a licence to carry out demolition work – s143.
      • The most recent and long history of very poor asbestos related work practices.
      • The number of repeated contraventions over a long period.
      • The requirement to appropriately deter and punish the alleged offender.
      Enforcement action taken

      On 15 January 2018, Licence No 2305722 was cancelled as they failed to ensure that the work or other activities authorised by the licence were carried out safely and competently.