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Safety alert - Asbestos in fire wallets


This safety alert highlights the asbestos exposure risks associated with some novelty fire wallets imported into Australia.


On the 23 November 2013, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a safety warning notice to consumers about the risk of exposure to asbestos when handling the novelty fire wallets.

Fire wallets have the appearance of a regular leather wallet but when opened, they produce a large flame. The wallets have been sold by an eBay trader, at a stall at the Royal Melbourne Show (not in show bags) and at magic and novelty shops.

Samples taken from some of these wallets detected the presence of chrysotile asbestos within an inner lining in the wallet.

Action required

  1. Stop handling or using the product immediately
  2. Double-bag it in durable plastic bags
  3. Store it away safely, well out of reach of children
  4. Email the ACCC at productsafety [at] to be sent safe disposal advice

If you import any fire wallets it is your responsibility to have these or similar items tested for asbestos content so you can demonstrate that they are asbestos free. Such testing can be conducted in Australia by a NATA certified laboratory. The sale or supply of asbestos containing materials is illegal under Australian law.