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Government buildings

Asbestos in government assets

The Queensland Government is committed to protecting the health and well-being of workers, contractors and the community by ensuring that asbestos containing materials are safely and appropriately managed.

Departments are responsible for a wide range of assets including, but not limited to:

  • buildings (workplaces and domestic premises)
  • land
  • vehicles
  • vessels
  • infrastructure
  • plant and equipment.

Our long-term objective is for all assets managed or controlled by government departments to be free of asbestos containing materials. Until this is achieved, we will appropriately manage all asbestos containing materials in our assets, to safeguard those who occupy, service and visit our assets from exposure to respirable asbestos fibres.

View Queensland Government Asbestos Management Policy for its Assets.

Asbestos in public schools

The Department of Education, Training and Employment has specific information on the management of asbestos in its facilities.