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Cleanup and disposal

Asbestos waste and debris must be disposed of quickly and correctly to minimise any asbestos fibre exposure to the homeowners or workers.

Procedure for cleaning the work area

Carefully clean dust and debris form all horizontal surfaces (e.g. floor, window sills, and architraves) near the work area using either of the following two methods:

Method one: (wet wipe method)

Wet wipe method to clean dust and debris from the work area and horizontal surfaces using damp rags or disposable wipes. Then using a atomizer bottle mixed with a solution of PVA glue with a consistency of five parts water and one part glue (five to one). Spray the drop sheet to capture any missed residue and then fold the drop sheet on itself and dispose of as asbestos waste.

Follow the steps depicted below.

Method two: (using a HEPA vacuum and wet wipe method)

Use an H rated industrial HEPA filter vacuum (that complies with AS/NZ 60335.2.69:2003 and AS4260-1997 for HEPA filtration) to control airborne fibres and dust to a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. When the vacuuming is completed then wet wipe the surfaces as mentioned in 'Method one'. Please note that a household vacuum cleaner must not be used because it is not designed for this type of work and will cause an uncontrolled release of asbestos fibres.

View a film extract about Decontamination procedure, personal decontamination and cleanup procedures from Asbestos Awareness - an informative guide to asbestos.

Personal decontamination

Follow the steps depicted below and view the example video.

Disposal of waste and clearance inspection of the work area

  • Visually inspect the work area including all horizontal surfaces to ensure they are clear of all visible dust and debris. Air monitoring is not normally required for this task.
  • Ensure that the work area is clean and tidy and all waste has been removed from site. No rubbish should remain on site after the work has been complete.
  • Dispose of the waste in accordance with the local council requirements.
  • Sign off any access permits and authority with the relevant person.
  • Accompany the PCBU or site owner to inspect the site to confirm that the area is clean and tidy and that the work is completed.