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Naturally occurring asbestos

Naturally occurring asbestos

Asbestos minerals are commonly found around the world in certain types of rock and soils including:

  • serpentine (chrysotile [white])
  • amphibole (actinolite, amosite [brown]
  • anthophyllite, crocidolite [blue] and tremolite

If naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) is identified or likely to be present at a workplace the person with management or control of a workplace must manage risks to health and safety associated with NOA.

A person with management or control of the workplace must ensure that a written plan (an asbestos management plan) for the workplace is prepared in relation to the NOA.

An asbestos management plan must include information relating to the following:

  • the identification of NOA
  • decisions, and reasons for decisions, about the management of NOA at the workplace (e.g. safe work procedures and control measures)
  • procedures for detailing incidents or emergencies involving NOA at the workplace
  • workers carrying out work involving NOA (e.g. consultation, responsibilities, information and training).

A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure that:

  • a copy of the asbestos management plan is readily accessible
  • the plan is maintained to ensure the information is up to date, and reviewed and as necessary revised if the plan is no longer adequate to manage the risk
  • training is provided to workers.

For further information on managing NOA refer to section 5.1 of How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace Code of Practice 2011.